Malacca at Chinese New Year: A Lion Dance not to be missed.


While Kuala Lumpur is alive with Chinese New Year activities, don’t forget that another popular spot to feel the vibe is in Malacca. Chinatown and the infamous Jonker Street are two places not to miss as the festivities take over.  
We were fortunate enough to be at the Maritime Museum last year where they held a fabulous Lion Dance right on the water front. It was a beautiful setting to watch the performance with fire crackers, music and lots of interaction with these colourful creatures!! 

 For anyone unfamiliar with this tradition, a lion dance (accompanied by an orchestra ) is performed to chase away evil and to bring luck upon the audience. Not solely seen at Chinese New Year, but also at weddings and other family celebrations. 

These uplifting performances will be seen over the coming weeks in malls, at museums, at temples, and bring a true dash of colour to your day and the kids generally love it!

Enjoy delving into the festivities this year, S x



4 thoughts on “Malacca at Chinese New Year: A Lion Dance not to be missed.

    1. I hope you get the chance one year! Schools here are really good at celebrating it and my kids love getting dressed up and watching these Lion Dances!


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