Weaning Tots: Family Dining Kuala Lumpur

With so many public holidays this month in Malaysia, we finally found time to go along to ‘Weaning Tots’, the kids cafe that opened up last year at MyTown Shopping Centre!

I’d posted about their restaurant when they opened in 2017 and a friend of mine had popped by with her three children, sending me some photos to use for my website. But as we are always on the lookout for family-dining options in the city, we wanted to see it for ourselves… and we are very glad we went!

Located on the second floor of MyTown in Cheras, and mixing a cafe with a playground, this place is definitely a great place to try for families (and yes, I’ll be adding it to my album for the best dining in KL with children!). Being in the mall itself, it means you can also reach Weaning Tots directly via the walkover bridge from Cochrane MRT station.

With big tubular slides that descend over the dining area, a ball pool, and a quieter corner with books, cushions and play dough, you know the little ones will be kept nicely busy while you enjoy sitting in their spacious dining area.

Their menu offers a range of healthy food options from edamame or guacamole to simple sandwiches and wraps, to hot meals and even a ‘make your own pizza’ section for the kiddies!

For drinks you can have a range of hot teas/coffees or try some of their healthy juices, naughty ice cream smoothies, or their chilled bubbly drinks!

There is no additional fee for playing at the children’s play area, but do pass by and enjoy a little something off the menu to get the access for your little ones! A great big space for mummy meet-ups and events too so it’s one to put on the to-do-list! S x


Let your Imagination Run Wild at Kiddomo Universe

We finally made it over to check out Kiddomo Universe and spent hours having fun there!

Located on the 3rd floor of The Starling in PJ, this is Malaysia’s first technology-inspired playground where everything insight is a hands-on experience just waiting to be discovered.

Upon stepping inside you receive your electronic bracelet, and then sign yourselves in as your very own character on their touchscreens to enter the play world around you. Your bracelet will then be your way to access a range of different games and screens as you make your way through Kiddomo Universe.

With the belief that children learn best through play, everything has been designed to inspire little ones to be imaginative and creative. Lighting is dimmed in the different rooms, and puzzles and screens light the way which really captivated the kiddies!

From becoming an artist, to appearing in your own music video in their sound booth, there seem to be no limits to the fun to be had. It’s bright and colourful, fun and exciting, and has different themed zones throughout.

Colour in your own fish on paper, scan them, and watch them come to life on the animated walls around you. Kids (and adults alike!) get to see their very own fish swim around the ocean with all the other sea creatures – it’s a really cute concept, so we made our very own “KL Kids” designs – can you spot them?!

You’ll also get to create dinosaurs that’ll walk across the screen, slide down fluorescent slides and strike as many gems as you can to score points, or spend time playing numerous interactive games suitable for both the young and the…. not so young!

There’s a large soft play area with the most gigantic ball pool I’ve ever seen which also doubles as the setting for a dinosaur egg hunt! Dip and dive through the play zone to find the giant eggs before heading over to the game counter and scanning your eggs to find out fun interesting Dino facts and earning points!

There’s a mini gym area for the little tots, and a cafe for parents to enjoy while the children lose themselves in the magic of the place! The cafe is well located close enough to be able to watch over the ball pit, while allowing you to enjoy in a drink or a meal from their menu.

If you’ve already been, it’s worth noting that they regularly change their main features and add new games so if you think you’ve seen it all before, the chances are, you probably haven’t!

Follow their FB page for special events, weekend workshops, and special offers, and contact them directly should you be interested in holding a birthday party there or arranging a school visit! Guaranteed fun for everyone, S x

The New-Look Batu Caves is an Amazing Transformation.

Wow! Did you see what they’ve done to Batu Caves?!

One of Kuala Lumpur’s most popular tourist attractions has had a make-over thanks to a group of artistic volunteers who took to the steps with buckets of multi-coloured paints!

The 272 steps leading the way up to the main temple have been turned into a rainbow pathway and what a transformation it is!

I know not everyone is a fan of the new colour scheme, and rumour has it that this may not be allowed to stay like this, but what are your thoughts?!

I think I need to go and see this for myself, and as a parent I can’t help but think that maybe this splash of colour might even be an encouragement to little ones with little legs who would normally struggle to make it up to the top!

Feel free to let me know what you think if you get there before I do! S x

Molly Fantasy and their Wai Wai Park for Kids in KL

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past a Molly Fantasy outlet and spotted their bright and colourful arcade of games, unaware that many of their centres across Malaysia also house a Wai Wai Park play zone for the little ones!

We went to check out their centre and soft play area on the 2nd floor of MyTOWN Shopping Centre during the holidays and were genuinely impressed by the space and equipment. I had no idea that they had soft play areas perfect for a children’s escape half way through a shopping spree at the mall!

Not only that, they have a different pricing structure which is really attractive, and if you do just want to make a quick stop, rather than the usual unlimited play for a fixed price (where I normally end up getting stuck for far too many hours!!) you can pay as little as RM8 for just half an hour of fun…! Add on extra minutes as you please, but I do like this as an option when time is limited and you really do just need a quick fix in a well-equipped playground!

From the main treehouse with big slide, hidden rooms, and the ball pool, to a climbing wall, ride-on cars, monkey bars and even inflatable bouncy castles, they have a lot to keep active ones running around for a bit!

I also love that they have different play zones for more educational learning; from their artists corner and dress-up parlour, to the music area; it’s a lovely little set-up and allows children to get a bit creative while they explore the different areas. I had no idea there was so much to do in a Wai Wai Park so I’m really pleased we went along to see it for ourselves!

This Centre at MyTown in Cheras opened in June 2017 but there are literally loads to choose from throughout the country! With a total of 88 Molly Fantasy’s in Malaysia, there a number of them that are equipped with the Wai Wai Park. While they may not be identical, they do all offer a ball pool, inflatables, climbing structures and creative zones.

If you’d like to try any out, you can find them at Setia City Mall, AEON Taman Maluri Shopping Centre, Setapak Central, AEON MALL Metro Prima, AEON MALL Bukit Tinggi, Main Place Mall, USJ, DPULZE Shopping Centre, and Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang.

Enjoy, S x

Growing Beans Class: Life Skills Class in KL

I’ve only just heard about Growing Beans Class but I love what they do and am really impressed by the Life Skills courses they offer to children with special needs.

They aim to develop, support, and empower every child and adult with their individual talent and skills necessary for them to live independently, work in society, and enjoy life in the community. I’ve seen photos of field trips to supermarkets to learn the basics of dealing with shopping lists and finding items, lessons self-care, helping with household chores,

Recently opened in Melawti Mall they are giving you the chance to go along for a trial class priced at just RM100 next week on the 12th of September.

If you know someone that this could be beneficial to, please let them know, and contact the amazing team directly at their centre. Thank you, S x

Double the Fun at Royale Ice Skating Rink, Kuala Lumpur.

So, you’ve probably heard of Royale Ice Skating Rink but, did you know that they have now got 2 ice rinks??!! Yes, 2!

We went over to check out their new set-up and just loved the space they’ve now got. Their original rink (Rink 1) is still there and is perfect for beginners or children wanting to use their little penguin aids to get around on the ice.

Penguins can be rented from the desk and really do help little ones stay upright on the ice!

Their newly installed rink, which is basically where the seating gallery for spectators used to be, is Rink 2 and wow – it’s lovely! Big, bright, with natural light….. a really great addition!

Now you get access to both rinks for the same price and admission allows you ALL DAY access; pop in, take a break, have lunch, and go back later to skate- it’s a great deal! The rink is open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm giving you plenty of time to work on your skills!

With two rinks they can now hold special events and birthday parties in one, while keeping the other one open for drop-in skaters, meaning you’ll never be disappointed that they’ve closed the premises for a private event.

I also only just found out that if you do hold a party at Royale Ice Skating Rink that you have the option of using their colourful ‘Kiddies Land’ for your little guests! This space is located just behind the cafe and is suitable for children under 6 years old. Enquire with them directly here for any pricing or further details on birthday packages and events.

As their new ice rink has been built where there was a large seating area for spectators, fear not, you still get to watch what is happening on the ice. They still have their cafe with ample seating next to Rink 1, but if you fancy a warmer spot to watch the action, you can make use of their terrace with perfect views on Rink 2.

Look out for their fab promotions where they offer FREE skating lessons during the holidays for children aged 7 and above; their next session is between the 10th and 20th of September 2018, Happy skating everyone! S x

Blueblue Playland is a must-visit attraction in Ipoh

Every time I see photos of Blueblue Playland, I am so impressed by the space they have! They opened in January 2017 and boast an amazing 21,000sq. ft of recreational facilities for the whole family.

Far much more than ‘just a soft play centre’ they are Ipoh’s largest Playland spread over four floors with a wide offering of activities for children aged 0 to 15!

They house Master Jump, their trampoline park for the over 7s, which has some has amazing offers running including FREE lessons and FREE access on certain days of the week! Check out their current specials (correct at going to print in August 2018) and see how you can make the most of their jumping sessions!

They also have an entire sports complex for those wanting to play badminton at Master Badminton Club, or make use of their indoor futsal at Master Kick. Their space is perfect for special occasions, birthday parties and even school visits so check out their FB page here for further contact or any questions you may have.

I now have both my children begging me for a trip up to Ipoh so that they can try Blueblue out for themselves, so I guess I’d better start planning! Happy weekend everyone, S x

Climbing Adventures at Milky Way Play Space in Kuala Lumpur

Bright, colourful and nicely challenging for any little explorers out there – yes, we finally made it to Milky Way Play Space which opened over in Petaling Jaya at the beginning of the year!

Don’t let the size fool you, while it seems small, think of it more as being very compact, because they have packed a lot into the space they have at Paradigm Mall in PJ. There are a host of obstacles to tackle and several different levels of their play structure to make the most of, giving both children and adults a great way to put their balance, strength, and nerve to the test! Suitable for children aged 3 and upwards, this is taking family fun to a new level!

On first arriving we were asked to store our shoes in the cupboards and then went to get our gear on! It’s a case of safety first here, so you will wear a harness and be attached to the structure at all times. I spotted some helmets and while we weren’t offered them, you can of course get the little ones to wear one so that you’re more comfortable with them climbing!

Then you can make your way around the structure to attack 12 different obstacles. Work your way around the 4 sides, each time facing a different challenge from floating bridges, moving stairs, walls to climb, objects to wind in and out of…. and then do it all again or move on to something else!

The eye-catching climbing wall was popular with my two but they also have a large tubular slide, trampoline and a birds nest! Since our visit, they’ve also added a new Puzzle Land which is full of giant building blocks and puzzles, so if you add that to their 9D VR coaster, then there really is something for everyone!

As a spectator, I loved that they are located in an ‘atrium’ which meant I could take the escalator right next to their play land and go up to the next floor of the mall to watch my children from above (great for photo opportunities too!).

So whether it be for climbing and agility at Tiger Cub Road, getting creative in their Puzzle Land, or trying out some VR games, they’ve got a few options for you and the little ones!

Their pricing structure is below and allows you to either opt for an ‘à la carte’ approach and just pick out the activities you’d like to try, or packages where you get multiple activities included, either for a set period of time or with their full day access pass.

Check out their FB page and pop along to see them next time you’re at Paradigm PJ! S x

Family Camping Weekend in Janda Baik!

Fancy the most amazing night of camping ever? Then look no further!

KL Forest Tribe Junior are organising their annual Canopy Camp at Janda Baik and also offering a chance at some family bonding all while getting back to nature!

You will get the chance to do a river crossing, attend a tree climbing appreciation session, enjoy a campfire feast and take part in the night walk in the forest! All this is aimed at children (who need to be accompanied by an adult if under 12 years of age) and a way to bring about understanding of the environment around us. Taking place on September 15th, 2018, its an amazing price at just RM60 per person (or a family of 4 for RM220!)

Step out of your comfort zone and go and explore! Event page and contact details are right here. Happy camping!

S x