Damansara Heights Public Library – a children’s section worth checking out

My children are complete bookworms! We’ve already discovered the National Library In KLCC but I really wanted to go further a field to see what else was out there! So today we went to Damansara Heights Public Library, great for anyone living further out in the Klang Valley.

The children have their own separate area.

Although a bit difficult to find (I’ll add a photo of the outside for ease!) this is located on Jalan Beringin and has its own cafe.

Once you’re on Jalan Beringin, this is what you are looking out for!!


It’s a clean, well-run library with a separate room for children. Filled with a really good selection of books in English, Malay and Mandarin, children (over the age of 5) can be left to their own devices in the kids’ section as it is floor to ceiling glass and parents can watch over them while they do their own thing in the main library.


A great selection of children’s books in excellent conition.

The books were modern, in great condition and there was lots of choice from Disney and Thomas The Tank, to reference books on everything from the human body to planet earth.


From toddler favourites to reference books, they have collections in English, Malay and Mandarin

As an added bonus, it’s free entry, free to get a membership card to take out books, and they offer free wifi throughout. Perfect! It’s not the largest library out there but you will have a good selection of books to borrow for you and your little ones. S x


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