Starship Galactica – Another KL play zone.

Another Monday off school, another chance to go and play!Today we ventured over to 1 Utama Shopping Centre with the intention of trying out YuKids, but to our surprise it had closed down! Fortunately, we stumbled across Starship Galactica, and had an absolute blast!

Starship Galactica located on the 2nd floor of 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Located on the second floor of the new wing, this place may look small, but hidden behind the framework is 4 whole levels of fun to explore!

Very reasonably priced at just 22RM per child (and free entry for an accompanying adult) this sort of structure would be a great set-up to have in most malls.

up, up, up and away…. let the fun begin….

Tunnels, slides, a ball pool, trampoline, 4 slides, a mirror maze, and a galactic shoot out zone are just some of the obstacles to tackle.

I have to say that I was impressed from a ‘value for money’ point of view and my children certainly had a good couple of hours fun there.


The Galactic Shoot-out zone!??

With toddler aged children it would be necessary to accompany them into the actual play zone as it’s such a large structure that they’d be out of your sight in seconds! For those with older children, there is plenty of seating at their cafe with hot and cold food, drinks and ice creams.


Thecafe area with drinks and snacks

Definitely worth checking out, S x


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