Lego mania – a kids only zone at ‘Blok Space’

LEGO!! Now who doesn’t like a bit of Lego building?!!! We checked out “Blok Space” today (in the IPC Shopping Mall of Mutiara Damansara) which is basically any little creative builder’s heaven! This space is stocked with every box of Lego that has ever been released and you get to go in, pick-up which ever designs you fancy tackling, and then settle down at your own work station and go for it! This is an adult-free zone where you can drop children off aged for 4-14 years old to be creative while you have a wander around the mall or do your food shopping etc. It’s a great alternative to the usual ‘soft-play’ areas and at only 18RM an hour per child, it’s a great option. There’s a 10 and 20 pass card as well which gives you membership privileges and as my two loved this today, I can see myself investing in a multiple pass next school holidays! S x

Lego galore and individual work stations at “Blok Space”


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