The National Library of Malaysia – A children’s haven 

Ssshhhhhh! Let’s just say that since arriving in KL we’ve been rather ‘active’ on the ‘playground’ front! So today we headed to The National Library of Malaysia. A friend had said that the library facilities here for children are great and I wanted to see it for myself! The National Library is very centrally located on ‘Jalan Tun Razak’. A big, bright open space is dedicated to the little ones with shelves of books in English, Malay and Mandarin. From the favourites of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, to Usborne and Early Reader collections, to a fabulous children’s reference section that we poured over for ages, they really have everything covered!

The children’s library

Add a media centre and computers for the little ones to use and you can understand why we spent the whole morning there! Membership is free, so the three of us signed up and had our cards issued while we waited, before taking out a few books to see us through the next couple of weeks. A very nicely run library which we’re looking forward to paying regular visits to! S x


Computers and a ‘Media Centre’ for kids



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