Free water play in KL – our holiday find!!

FREE Water play – you’re going to love this!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the obvious place in Kuala Lumpur for free water play is at KLCC Park. But, I knew there had to be more! Somewhere I hadn’t been before, something that was free and suitable for little ones…. so the three of us went out searching – and I think we found a winner! 

Welcome to Taman Pudu Ulu, a large park in Cheras which, not only has the usual football and badminton courts, walking paths, and nicely maintained gardens but also has THE most amazing expanse of water EVER! 

Everything you see here is for children to play in; it really is quite remarkable! It’s shallow, there’s a couple of different levels, and there’s water jets that shoot out of the metal structures. I will admit that we purposely went very early one morning so it was deserted and very peaceful – I’m sure it’s the exact opposite on the weekends but with so much space it’s definitely worth trying! 

There’s a little children’s playground which, while the flooring is a little neglected, is fine otherwise and some cute little features around the park including water fountains, stepping stones, and a little nursery with plants growing.

I have to say I was really pleased with this find – I hope you like it too! If you fancy heading over there, it’s in Cheras, the nearest LRT being the Pandan Jaya station. Enjoy, S x


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