Dinosaurs Alive in KL – Our Review!

We came, we saw, we conquered- and survived to tell the tale of Dinosaurs Alive in KL!

After my first post about this new exhibition in KL (that you shared phenomenally across FB!) I thought it only fair to be able to give you a review from our own experience, so we recently went along with some friends to see just what it’s all about!

Set up in a big circus-like tent in the grounds of Mat1c on Jalan Ampang, the expo offers over 40 dinosaurs that move and roar as you approach them! Wander around and get up close and personal with some impressive looking beasts and enjoy different photo ops under ever-changing lighting. 

It’s a big space that wasn’t necessarily filled to capacity and felt a little empty in my opinion but besides the dinos themselves, there’s lots of activities to enjoy to extend the length of your visit! 

There’s three different bouncy castles, a screen playing a dinosaur movie at the back of the hall, and a few arts n craft zones. Making dinosaur sand pictures was really fun and you could build your own dinosaur model from wooden pieces – both these activities were free of charge. If you want to try their ‘dinosaur egg and fossil dig zone’ this comes at an extra fee of RM10 per dinosaur egg.

There’s a coffee shop area at the back with snacks and drinks and you could certainly spend a bit of time here if you get involved in the activities. For those of you who experienced Discoveria at Avenue K, then it’s a similar set-up without the need for getting dressed up as a paleontologist (although I rather liked that concept!)

I know a lot of you reacted to the price of the tickets. As residents in Malaysia you can buy tickets for RM50 for adults, RM25 for children and under 3s are free of charge. (Full price is RM75/RM50 respectively).

When I had finished the exhibit, I took a moment to stand near the entrance and watched the faces of little ones walk into the darkened tent and be greeted by a gigantic T-Rex. It was a lovely sight to see! Complete awe in what was standing before them! It’s not the cheapest event happening in KL, but it is the only thing of it’s kind and offers a unique look into our prehistoric times. Is it worth it?! I’ll let you decide. 

Enjoy some of the photos we took and let us know if you have already been and what you thought! S x


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