Funtopia: putting major ‘fun’ into the world of climbing!

Starting your week with a surge of colour; we finally did it – we went to Funtopia Courtyard!!

This climbing centre has been on our wish list for a long time and it certainly didn’t disappoint. This place is fantastic! Not only is it colourful and bright, but it’s really creative, loads of fun, and, most importantly, the team is extremely safety-conscious.

While the centre (located at SS15 Courtyard in Subang Jaya) doesn’t seem to be that big, there are over 50 climbing activities to get to grips with; from ropes and a spider wall, to challenging your friends on the speed-climbing wall, there’s so much to do inside it really will keep you very busy and it’s a great way to keep fit! 

You will need proper footwear so remember to take closed shoes and socks with you! Helmets and harness are given and fitted for you and the team will assist in clipping you in securely before each task you do! Best to arrive 15 minutes before you want to start climbing to get kitted out in equipment!

Choose to take a pass that allows you on all the obstacles, or pick your favourite activities and pay for those only. We personally wanted to try everything and at only RM24 on weekdays (RM34 on weekends) we’d definitely suggest going for the full experience! 

The Centre is suitable for people aged 4-99 (!) with a minimum weight of 20kg on certain obstacles. Mums, dads, aunts and uncles – everyone can get involved!

For younger tots who still want a bit of action there is their soft play maze for children aged 1-8 years old which is a nice little option right next to their cafe and seating area.

Just note that, during the week they only open at 12 noon. On weekends you can enjoy normal working hours from 10am to 10pm.

With so many different obstacles to try, there is something for everyone. This one here is harder than it looks as you build your owner structure and then try to climb it!!

This was an absolute highlight of our school holidays so far – I think we’ll be back again very soon! Thank you Funtopia, S x


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