Superkidz: indoor fun in The Pearl Shopping Gallery

Another week, another soft play centre! But how had I never heard of Superkidz until recently?! 

With two outlets in KL, we decided to venture over to their newest indoor play area (which has been running since late last year) located in the rather new ‘Pearl Shopping Gallery’ in Sri Petaling. 

It’s ‘underwater’ theme is definitely a refreshing change as you walk over rippled blue flooring and are greeted by their shiny new play equipment covered in colourful fish and other marine life. 

While not the largest of soft play centres in the city, my children can testify to them having the ‘fastest, most slippery slides’ they’ve ever been on and they had a great time!! Along with the racing slides you have the main play structure with the usual tunnels, tubes and obstacles, which are extremely colourful and kept immaculately clean. 

There’s also a separate area geared at slightly younger tots with some ride-ons, a large ball pit with a fun basketball game, and smaller climbing equipment so they have their own space to run around in. 

If all that isn’t enough they have a little zone for building with blocks as well as a couple of play tables set up with kinetic sand which works really well after all the energy they use up playing inside!

 Just outside in the shopping gallery there is a coffee shop where mums and dads can grab a drink in plain view of the play area should you need a few minutes for yourself while keeping an eye on the action!

We enjoyed Superkidz – it has a lovely feel to it and the staff were extremely nice and played with all their little visitors! They have another Centre in the Cheras area, great for younger tots, but I’ll tell you more about that on another occasion!

This one is definitely a nice place for you to check out next time you’re in the area or to organize a little birthday party! S x


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