MinNature – a mini Malaysia waiting to be discovered

MinNature….and just look at how mini it is!

I don’t know where I’ve been hiding, or how I had missed the news of this place opening (last November!!) but I did so I felt the need to go and visit!

Set on the 4th floor of the recently revamped ‘The Summit’ in Subang Jaya, this is a miniature world that all ages of visitors can enjoy. The idea was brought about when 7 good friends decided they wanted to bring something new to Malaysia and, at the same time, keep the history of the country alive. After two full years of 3D printing, they finally had the basics of their dream. Then came the real building and designing…. the result can be seen here!

The detail is beyond belief as you walk around different scenes showing the history of Malaysia (and some other countries) and get to interact with these tiny colourful displays. 

Very reasonably priced (and free for under 4s) it includes a little ‘treasure hunt’ that we were given upon entering which guarantees you a good couple of hours of fun as you search for different characters set amongst the miniatures! 

This activity not only kept my two extremely busy, but also had them captivated and interested in everything they were seeing. It’s a great mix of educational fun and learning about the history of the country we call home. Most of the exhibits have buttons that the children can press to make the scenes come to life with lights, music, sounds and movement, so you can imagine the fun they had!

You can choose to be accompanied around the exhibits with a guide for no extra charge which is what we did and highly recommend it. Mr Chan was so extremely knowledgeable and, as one of the 7 people behind the idea of creating MinNature, had such passion for what he was talking about that it was a joy to hear him speak of how the project came about and how everything was made.

You’ll finish the tour with a visit to the workshop where all their 3D printing takes place! Amazing to watch this happen but difficult to get my son to leave – he was so fascinated by it all! 

Workshops are available for small groups as well should you want to learn more and have a go at making your own miniature trees and houses which I’m going to have to try next time! Please check this out; it’s such a lovely little addition to KL activities! S x


11 thoughts on “MinNature – a mini Malaysia waiting to be discovered

  1. If the miniature Malaysia is so beautiful, the real one will be even more amazing. That was the first thought in my mind. I can see why the kids would love this. It is a lovely place to visit when in KL

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  2. I wish more museums were as interactive as this. I’m sure they had the best time ever. Kudos to the people who took the initiative to design this.

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