‘The Workshop’ – A family cafe taking on a whole new meaning!

Sometimes I come across a place and I think ‘wow, why aren’t more people talking about this?’.

So today, I will introduce you to somewhere that I was really excited about trying! No, it’s not a soft play centre, but it IS a cafe with a really impressive play area! Such a simple concept that I think we’d all love to see more of; allowing parents to eat a meal while their children are safe in the play area and having fun! Genius!

‘The Workshop’ in Sri Petaling only opened in May this year and is neatly hidden on the third floor of a building on Jalan Radin Bagus 7. 

Husband and wife team Gary and Katherine are the nicest of people who just wanted to create a place that brings family values back to the forefront. Inspired by their daughter and trying to get the balance right between work and family, this fabulous space for parents was born.

Enjoy hot and cold drinks, a kiddies menu, and a small but tasty offering of dishes on their menu which includes salads, soups, local dishes and some sweet treats too. 

For every adult purchasing a main meal, they receive access for one child for unlimited time in the play area. They are open 6 days a weweek k, with Tuesday being their day of rest!

You can, of course, just have a drink and then you have the option to pay a flat rate of 12RM for the entry instead, but if you’re in the area, you’ve gotta go and say hi! This spacious cafe/play space really needs families to know about it! S x


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