Flight Experience KL: making mini pilots’ dreams come true!

Got a little wannabe pilot at home?! I have just the thing for you!

This is the centre you are looking for on the second floor of Pavilion KL

Nestled away in Pavilion KL, is the ‘Flight Experience’; a real Boeing 737 flight simulator that allows little ones to fulfill their dreams of piloting an airplane, and taking the Captain’s seat in this very unique experience!


For anyone under the age of 12 with a passion for flying, this is the place to go!
Situated on level 2 of the shopping mall, I have been passed this centre before and often wondered if this would be suitable for children, and the answer is most definitely ‘YES’! 


Learn about aviation through hands on experience in the cockpit with a fully qualified instructor.
They have a fabulous ‘Junior Jet Flight Programme’ all overseen by a qualified instructor who will introduce them to the wonderful world of aviation, and let them have a go at performing landings and take-offs in the most amazing looking simulator, that comes with 180 degree wraparound view and sound effects!

Coming in for a landing at KL, but if you prefer you can choose Paris, London or New York! in fact there are over 24,000 airports to choose from!

If I’m honest, I’m thinking most adults would love this too, but with a specific children’s programme for the under 12s and birthday party options also available, I’m thinking it could become quite the family affair! Looks like my son now has somewhere else to put on his to-do-list (and I may just have a go too!). For bookings and flight experience options check out their website (https://kualalumpur.flightexperience.com) or FB page. Have a safe flight 😉 S x



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