Healthy Baby Food Pouches hit KL- SquEEEze me Baby!

SquEEEze Me Baby!


Okay, firstly I love the name!

Secondly, I love the concept behind these baby food pouches!


A KL mum who set out wanting the very best for her own baby decided she was going to cook everything from scratch for her little one; with organic imported fruits and veg, no sugar added, and no preservatives. Wanting to share her healthy eating habits with other parents she cleverly created ‘SquEEEze Me Baby’ and as a lady after my own heart, I thought I’d give her a little shout out today!


With her first shop opening in 1Utama and now a second store in Great Eastern Mall, you really do need to pop by! 


The fresh interiors are very welcoming but what is also so appealing is the ‘Baby Bar’ with perfect seating for tots, and also a little play area! 


From the 1st to the 22nd of March ‘SquEEEze Me Baby’ will also be down at Avenue K so make sure you stop by for a little taster of something fresh and healthy! By all means check out their FB page and look at for special promos and events! S x


Photo credit to SquEEEze Me Baby.

Find them at :


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