Titiwangsa Park in KL closing for two years?! Fear not…..

If you hadn’t already heard, Titiwangsa Park (one of our favourites in Kuala Lumpur) will be closed for a ‘River of Life’ project as of June 2017 for a possible two years!

While this definitely saddens me, it does at least give us enough advance warning to make the most of the park before its temporary closure!

I’m not quite sure how the general look of the park will change with this face lift going on, but I do know that it’s best to take full advantage of the facilities now; we love hiring bikes and cycling around the lake, the playground is beyond gigantic, and the views both day and night are lovely. Oh I will miss this place……!

But for anyone needing ideas of other parks in KL to enjoy while Titiwangsa is off bounds after June, then here is a link to my top picks for the region: https://kualalumpurkids.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/parks-and-gardens-around-kl-for-the-whole-family/

I guess, on the positive side, we now have something to look forward to when this fabulous location reopens after the project has been finished!

Enjoy, S x


2 thoughts on “Titiwangsa Park in KL closing for two years?! Fear not…..

    1. Hi! Now that it’s June, I have to say that I haven’t yet been by the park this month! I can’t say with any certainty I’m afraid – the dates were always very sketchy but they have said that ‘some’ access (to the lake/running track) will still be allowed. I’m sorry I can’t answer your question with a definite guarantee that the park is still open, S x


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