Our ‘Big 5’ of family indoor attractions in Kuala Lumpur

There’s so much to do in KL so today I thought I’d put together an album of some of the larger indoor attractions where the whole family can spend some time together.

Away from the soft play centres that focus on the little ones, these places give the grown-ups (as well as the children) a chance to get involved in a family day out. Whether it be an edutainment experience at Little Kingdom or hands-on experiments at Petrosains, these centres guarantee you hours of fun, learning, and participation! We’ve been known to spend 4+ hours in some of these so don’t just expect to ‘pop by’ and be out in an hour!! Be prepared for the little ones to want to stay for a very long time!

Here’s our Big 5 of Kuala Lumpur’s indoor havens for kids, big and small!

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park:

Centrally located yet hidden inside a shopping mall, this theme park is guaranteed to keep the family busy for hours. With a floor dedicated to rides that the children can either go on alone or accompanied by their a parent, you’ll spend your time running around the Fantasy Garden to fly on bumble bees, take a turn on the Buddy-Go-Round carousel, or be driven around ‘bumper car’ style at the Honey Bump! With a cinema, a playground and F&B joints, you have plenty to entertain you for the day. Not forgetting that there is a whole floor for the adults too! When we go here…… the twins never want to leave (you’ve been warned!)

Little Kingdom:

This was the new edutainment centre to hit Kuala Lumpur last May and what a place to hang out! If you haven’t yet been, this is where the magic of fairy tales comes alive and both the big and little kids get a truly amazing experience. From walking through star-lit streets, to meeting some of their 35 Happy Toon characters, to watching a show on the stage or leaning a new skill in one of their enrichment activities, there is literally a wonderland of opportunities for you here. With a fabulous playground and Malaysia’s largest cassia seed sand pit, there’s plenty of time to play; or take a dance class, or learn to cook, or just enjoy the fantasy that they’ve created here.
Located at Parkson Maju Junction, this is the place to be enchanted by the music, the lights, and a little bit of magic.


Located at the top of Suria KLCC shopping centre at the base of the Twin Towers this is the definition of ‘interactive’. You will literally need hours to go round all the different exhibitions offered in this discovery centre that will allow you lots of ‘hands-on’ action as you learn about space, science, our history, and the exciting world of interactive art. There are experiments to take part in, there are daily science shows, a 3D cinema, not forgetting the fun ride in your very own bubble car to get both in and out of the centre. Discover the world of dinosaurs, speed, light, and oil platforms, or build, make and play….. either way, you will find it difficult to leave!


This is a little haven made for kids who basically become citizens of this amazing little community and learn just what it is to be a part of something bigger than they are right now. Learn a new skill, understand what it is to work in different professions, be part of a team, and embrace the big world around us. From riding on the back of a fire truck, and being a police offer or a nurse, to working in a supermarket or taking over in the town’s courtroom, children get a very special insight into how things will be….and they’ll be there all day! Fear not, there’s cafes and restaurants and even a parents’ lounge should you want a break from the action. Great for children 4 and above, although younger tots do have a dedicated area upstairs so they can have their own fun!

Aquaria KL:

Centrally located below Kuala Lumpur’s Convention Centre the aquatic world awaits you.
Allowing you the chance to discover marine life from Malaysia and around the world you get to delve into the underwater world and see some amazing creatures. With ceiling-to-floor glass displays and a walk through the underwater tunnel, you really feel very close to what is happening around you. Make sure you don’t miss the feeding time at the Aquatheatre (3pm but only on certain days) and get interactive and make some new little friends in the rock pools. Not the largest aquarium that we’ve visited but it’s perfectly maintained, colourful and a beautiful experience.


So, all that’s left now is to go out there and discover some of these places; and enjoy a moment with the family! Make the most of it, S x


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