Christmas Brunch in KL:  A child’s delight at The Shangri-La

The Shangri-La’s fabulous macaroon Christmas tree that greeted us in the lobby….

The tress and decorations are up all over the city, so it’s time to start making plans for Christmas.

Lots of hotels and restaurants will be offering the splendors of Christmas lunches, brunches and dinners, and while I can’t speak for all of them, I can tell you how much we enjoyed our experience last year at the Shangri-La Hotel!

Needless to say the food was an extravaganza of everything imaginable, from the obvious turkey with all the trimmings, to seafood offerings, salads, freshly baked breads, local asian dishes of noodles and rices, and more than enough sweet treats to see us through until the New Year!   

While the food was lovely, a big plus for us as a family was the amount of activities put on for the children. 

They took such delight in sitting down with a chef and decorating their own gingerbread (and to top it off they came away with a fab Shangri-La apron!) but they also made Christmas decorations, got busy with colouring and sewing, and were entertained by a clown making balloon animals!! 

Inevitably there had to be a quick visit from Santa who did a walk around in the restaurant giving out some sweet treats to everyone, but it was the whole atmosphere that won our hearts last year and I can say that brunch here really did make our 

Christmas meal a lot of fun for everyone. We’re away on holiday for the festivities this year but if you’re going somewhere for Christmas brunch, I’d love to hear where you’re heading! Alternatively, the Shangri-La does a great Roast Turkey available to order in advance, should you wish to celebrate at home! Let the countdown begin! S x


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