A family visit to Chamang Waterfall, Malaysia

If you enjoy going a little bit off the beaten track, this little place is a great one to add to your things to do, especially as it is also extremely family-friendly!  
Chamang waterfall is in Bentong, approximately 70km from KL, which makes it easy to manage on a day trip.


We are an adventurous family and do quite a lot of hiking with the children, but with this waterfall you needn’t worry about any difficult climbing to reach it – on the contrary, you can drive right up to it and I guarantee you will be astounded by the sound of gushing water as you park your car! Yes, you are that close to the action!


Although it can get busy on weekends, this is the ideal spot for spending some time outdoors, having a picnic and enjoying the scenery. While caution will be needed in the fast running water, there are lots of rock pools that are safe, and there is even a little sandy cove perfect for little people to have a paddle in!


There are rows of different market sellers offering food and drinks along the river banks, as well as toilets and changing facilities so you don’t need to worry too much about anything! Make the most of the area by taking the suspended bridge and having a walk along the river; its a lovely little spot! 


Access to the waterfall really couldn’t be any easier and it’s free to enter. We just paid a minimal fee to park our car. A good place to visit when escaping city life for a bit 😉 Enjoy, S x



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