The Japanese Village and Botanical Garden to explore in Berjaya Hills

As promised, I’ll continue with our little visit to Berjaya Hills and our stop at their Botanical Garden and Japanese Village. 

Once you’re on the grounds of the Colmar Tropicale Resort, access to both places is complimentary so we thought we’d check them out! 


Wandering little winding paths, and jumping on stepping stones was a great way back to nature in the rainforest that sprawls over the area. 

The Japanese Village is set around a central Tea House that has Tea Ceremonies throughout the day and is surrounded by well-kept gardens with rocks and water features. It’s a nice little place to explore and you can even hire traditional Kimonos for a photo opportunity.

The Botanical Garden just opposite is quite rustic (and if I’m honest a little bit hilly so not ideal for push chairs etc!) but was a great adventure for the little ones who ran off to explore and revel in the pretty flowers!

While it may not be a ‘typical’ Botanical Garden, it was a nice little walk  and an opportunity to get some some fresh, get back to nature, and see the little ones running off to find the next path to take and happily leading the way!

Both of these are free to access once you are on site and there are more activities to do (such as a petting zoo, farm, canopy walk, horse riding etc) although these do incurr an additional fee. Either way, Berjaya Hills makes a very nice day trip from KL, so if you haven’t already tried it, maybe now would be a good time! S x


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