Colmar Tropicale; a little bit of France in Malaysia!

Hidden up in Berjaya Hills is the French themed resort “Colmar Tropicale”

Taking in the views! Colmar Tropicale as seen from above!

Why a replica of this quaint little town was built in such a place is still a question I ask myself but, having lived in the real Colmar in the East of France, I can say that the architecture is so extremely spot on, it’s frightening! More than that, it makes a great little day trip from KL.

Walk cobbled streets through colourful houses, climb the tower to get great views over the region, and see the swans that swim around the moat before you grab a drink or lunch on one of the many terraces.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants although I would love to see more specialities from the region to make it even more authentic!

A little drawbridge and a moat with swans are part of your little tour around ‘Colmar’

You pay a small entrance fee to enter the grounds (unless you’re staying overnight at their hotel) and after that there is an array of free (and payable) activities to try out! I’ll bring you another post on some of those next time 😉 But if you fancy a change of scenery from the city skyscrapers, a little trip here makes an original choice and is less than an hour away from Kuala Lumpur! S x

Wandering around this replica of the French town of Colmar means lots of colours and nice gardens to enjoy.



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