‘Family Favourite’ Museums in Kuala Lumpur

We are extremely lucky here in Malaysia to have so many museums right on our doorstep. Not only do they offer an interactive way of learning, but they can be fun for all the family, and more often than not, completely free of charge…. Something that is rare in my home country! From the National Textile Museum, to the KL Music Museum to, of course, The National History Museum, there’s just so many to choose from.

We have visited quite a few and found some to be so perfect for families that I thought I’d share our favourite museums with you…. In hope that it inspires you to go and take a little look for yourselves! S x
The Royal Malaysian Police Museum:  
The Royal Malaysian Police Museum is a lovely place located on the outskirts of the Botanic Gardens in KL. The grounds outside are adorned with tanks, cannons, a plane, and boat and lots more for the children to explore. Afterwards take a trip inside to take a walk back through time and see how the Malaysian Police Force came about. There are displays of uniforms and weapons and also a couple of short films to watch.

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery: 
Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery was a lovely little find although probably not the obvious choice for families. However, we found it to be interactive for the children with colouring stations, touch screen games, block puzzles and places to stamp your own cheques. When we visited they had a special Children’s exhibit running which was just amazing so definitely watch out for further events. Access is free and there’s a huge coffee shop downstairs perfect for a stop afterwards.

Amy Museum, Port Dickson:

On a day trip to Port Dickson we stumbled across this museum (also known as Muzium Tentera Darat) and I’m so glad we did as it was the absolute highlight of our day and, if i’m honest, is probably my favourite museum of all! We were so impressed by the array of army vehicles that they have on display outdoors and spent a long time walking around before heading for the indoor exhibit. Once inside you get to see the history of the army and the uniforms etc, but a really great feature was the underground tunnel that they’ve built – really fun with the little people! Once again, it is completely free to enter the museum. 

Maritime Museum (Malacca/Meleka):


Muzium Samudera, far better known as the Maritime Museum (Malaysia) in Malacca is hard to miss with the impressive Portuguese Ship, a replica of the Flora de al Mar, that stands proudly on the river banks. The ship itself houses a couple of floors of exhibition which you can climb around and explore, before hitting the rest of the museum. A must-see if in this gorgeous city. Entrance fee was just 5RM for adults, the children (under 8’s if I remember correctly) for free.


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