Free tours for the family at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

We decided to try out the FREE tours offered at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre and I have to say it’s a very informative little outing for the whole family.
My parents were with us at the time and they found it fascinating learning about the history of the company and the story behind the pewter industry, but of course, it also needed to be interesting enough for the little people! 


We were allocated a tour guide who showed us around the facility completely free of charge which was very nice.
We then saw the talented team at work, and also got to try out some of the techniques ourselves – not as easy as it looks!
The replica Petronas Twin Towers was also a hit with our twins, and we had a nice time wandering around before hitting their large coffee shop afterwards.
Maybe not an obvious choice of activities but it’s definitely something to do if you have a spare hour. S x

You can also wander around their huge gift shop and see all the amazing creations (with no obligation to buy)


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