Taking a ride up Penang Hill as a family! 

At the station ready to make the trip up Penang Hill

After our last visit to Penang, I wrote a couple of posts on our wonderful holiday there…. But I never took you on the journey up Penang Hill!

We’re off and on our way up! On weekends and public holidays the railway can get very busy! Try, if you can, to get up by the windows to ensure you get a good view!

The funicular ride up and down the hill is definitely interesting enough to make it perfect for families and fairly inexpensive. The trip isn’t very long but our little ones got front row seats with the driver so they could really see where we were going and they loved it! The Penang Funicular Railway takes you up and down Penang Hill! It runs daily from 6.30am til 11.00pm. Look out for online offers for reduced price tickets but regular fares are reasonable with under 4’s being free of charge, and adult return tickets costing 10RM.

Taking in the view from the top of Penang Hill!

Once up on Penang Hill, there’s a lot to do so you can spend a couple of hours up there should you wish. Wander around, take in the views, stop in one of the coffee shops or head towards some of the main attractions a short walk away.

A nice feature with the Love Locks (Please note that to be able to take your photo sitting on/next to the sign you need to pay a fee)

We enjoyed the ‘Love Lock’ and seeing everyone’s messages written on little hearts, and had a look around Penang Hill Hindu Temple (Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan) before hitting the playground!

The ‘Love Locks’ is a nice little attraction where you can buy your own lock and attach it to the fencing with a little message.
There’s a great playground for the little ones that kept our two very busy! Well located next to the temple and mosque.

There’s an Owl Museum and a recently-opened Mini Toy Museum with 5D Cinema too, both of which are suitable for families!

The Penang Hill Hindu Temple

If you’re in Penang this makes for a nice little half-day activity which we were pleased we did! S x

Beautiful colourful flowers all around the walks and gardens.

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