Colouring Competitions AND Free access passes at Little Kingdom!

I have great news! There’s a special colouring competition taking place this weekend (and next weekend!) at one of my favourite places in KL!

Two competitions for different ages held over the next two weekends.

Little Kingdom is hosting this special event which will give FREE access to their magical little wonderland for the first 20 participants who sign up online, as well as offering some very nice prizes to the winners of the competition!

The great soft play area at Little Kingdom that you’ll get to enjoy.

If you haven’t yet been to Little Kingdom, this is your chance to play, learn, watch shows and spend a memorable day as a family.

Make your way to Centre Stage for a show or two!

So, if you have a budding artist at home SIGN UP QUICK! A free pass could be yours for the day! Good luck, S x

Drive around in your own safari jeep and take on the challenge of the ‘Amazon Ride’

(For those who are unfamiliar with Little Kingdom, here’s a link to my full review on this amazing family centre


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