Postcards from around Malaysia: Cameron Highlands

With so many diverse and beautiful spots scattered around Malaysia, most of the time you don’t even need to get on a plane to discover something new. In a year of living in KL we have taken such pleasure in visiting the rest of the country so I thought I’d write a few blogs on some of our favourite spots, featuring one place at a time.


The Cameron Highlands is your perfect green getaway. With slightly cooler temperatures, an escape from the city heat really is most pleasant up here in the stunning tea plantations that sprawl their way over the hillsides. Lots of fresh air and open space to run around an explore and a sheer joy for any photographer, the area offers a relaxing weekend break.

When you are in the area, don’t miss out on:

A visit to one (or both!) of the Boh Tea Plantations

Indulge in tea and scones The Boh Tea Estate

Go strawberry picking!

Stop at Cameron Valley for yet more sweet treats and stunning views

Explore jungle trails and waterfalls

Other places that might interest you but that we didn’t do include:

A trip to see lots of bugs at the Butterfly Garden

Sam Poh Temple

A visit to a Bee Farm


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