Our Rapid Shooting Boat Trip – Taman Negara with kids!

It’s already nearly a year ago since our first trip to Taman Negara. I remember the haze had hit KL and we just kept our fingers crossed that we’d find some escape from all the grey skies if we went into the rain forest!

While the canopy walk is probably the most famous of attractions while in Taman Negara, we also went on the ‘Rapid Shooting’ boat experience down the river before visiting the Orang Asli Settlements.

When I heard the words rapid shooting, I worried it may be a little too dangerous to do with our little ones (who were 5 at the time) but, this is not White Water Rafting and instead turned out to be a perfect activity for the whole family.

The boat trip we did was a lovely leisurely moment making our way down river. Life jackets were provided for us all and we all really enjoyed it.

We booked the trip via our hotel and it included visiting a local settlement on the river banks. We learnt how to shoot a blow gun, and saw how they made fires.

We learnt an awful lot about the way they live their lives, rather secluded from the rest of the region, and met some lovely children who were more than interested to know who we were and play with our twins on the beach.

A trip to Taman Negara should definitely be on your list of places to visit while in Malaysia…. we loved our time there! And for anyone who missed my blog post on our adventures on the Canopy Walkway, I’ll pop the link here for you!


Getting back to nature is definitely worth doing! S x


2 thoughts on “Our Rapid Shooting Boat Trip – Taman Negara with kids!

  1. Hi Sarah! Read your posts about Taman Negara and they are certainlyhelpful! My husband and I are going there with my kids who are 2 & 4 sometime in September. Just wondering about the boat ride. How long does it take? Another question would be did your kids feel nauseous during the ride? My kids never experience riding a boat or a ferry before, so just in case!

    Thank you!

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    1. Hi Dira, nice to hear from you! My daughter generally isn’t great on boats (like me!) but this was absolutely fine and no one was ill; we all just really enjoyed it. From memory, it took about 30 minutes boat trip to get to the village. You stay there for a while before heading back in the opposite direction so it was an hour altogether with a break in the middle! Have a great time (take mosquito repellent!) Sarah


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