A family trip to Janda Baik; nature at it’s best in Malaysia

Nature’s playground….. Janda Baik certainly offered us the best of the best on a recent weekend getaway! 
If you fancy swapping the concrete jungle for the real thing, a 45-minute drive from KL will bring you to rolling green hills, rivers, waterfalls and cute countryside eateries. Stay over night or do the trip in a day but either way, it’s such a pleasant breath of fresh air that you may even make it a regular hang-out spot.  We headed out to Janda Baik with no particular plan other than to do a bit of walking and hopefully find a waterfall. We did just that… and so much more! From climbing ropes and trees to playing in bamboo structures and crossing rivers via stepping stones …. all before finding a 7-tear waterfall to enjoy.   To be honest, I put ‘waterfall’ into Google Maps and it lead us to where we ended up spending a whole day of adventure. Was it where we actually intended to be?!! Possibly not (as I later saw another waterfall sign which is I think the one we initially wanted!) but the point is, we all had a great time.  A day of being very ‘outdoorsy’ and scrambling under low tree branches and occasionally slipping off rocks into little streams was a beautifully natural break from city life.   This particular trail at Lata Tampit wasn’t the easiest and wouldn’t be suitable for really young tots but our 6 year olds took on the challenge head on and did amazingly! We had a little chat with the owner of the land before heading out into the unknown who gave us general directions but, apart from one initial signpost, that was all we had to get us to our waterfall!  There were a few places that were a little tricky and they had even put in a couple of ropes to assist in getting up the slipperiest of slopes but it was all very fun!  After walking (or should I say trekking!) for more hours than we had intended and returning to the car we ended up spotting a lovely little place to stop and eat as we drove around Janda Baik.  “Purple Cane” is easy to spot from the road and is sat right near a little pond and has a nice grassy area for children to run around in.   Janda Baik has to be on your list of KL City escapes as it really is just that….. Happy trekking! S x


7 thoughts on “A family trip to Janda Baik; nature at it’s best in Malaysia

  1. Hi sarah. I m a Malaysian living here my whole life and sad to say , have not explored any places here. My two fellas are 13 and 9 and are IPAD ADDICTS! SO , i was trawling through trip advisor trying to get some ideas for nature activities when i came across YOUR BLOG!! you are fantastic!
    Would love to go hiking on this trail you took in Janda Baik. Where do we go to begin the trail?
    Just to let you know as well, Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve , right smack in the middle of a housing estate near Ikea and mutiara damansara would be right up your alley. LOVELY simple trails to explore with your family and it is quite safe as well. there are many trails to choose from .

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    1. With regards to Janda Baik, let me get back to you on the exact coordinates – we sort of stumbled across this trail after putting in ‘waterfall’ in our GPS (!) but I have it at home on my laptop…. I’ll be back 😊


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