Dinosaurs in Kuala Lumpur; a visit to Discoveria at Avenue K

If you didn’t already know, there’s some serious prehistoric action going on at Discoveria at Avenue K.

Mini explorers get to delve into the world of some of the most fascinating creatures to have ever walked on this planet in a discovery centre on the 4th floor of the shopping mall. 

The minute you reach the top of the escalator you’ll hear the roars and screeches from behind the massive crate-like doors which sets the scene for your upcoming adventure!

Become a Paleontologist for the duration of your visit and get all dressed up in a special jacket, head gear with lamp, and a wristband. You’ll then be given a map and you’ll watch a short video of the adventures you’re about to undertake, before being unleashed into a darkened room of 22 dinosaurs!

Dimmed lighting, colourful spotlights, and dinosaurs that roar…. and occasionally move as you approach; it’s really fun!

Wannabe Paleontologists then have to work their way around the trail, scanning their special wristband at checkpoints to get clues. Match your stickers to the right dinosaurs on the map to ensure getting your certificate at the end!

Along the way there are a few interactive activities to get involved in including our two favourites of wall climbing and racing against a Theropod!

After the main exhibit there is a second hall with lots of interesting facts and a game zone to enjoy.

Sit on a dinosaur for a photo, make the volcano erupt by filling it with balls, dig for fossils in the sand, and shoot away the mosquitoes from a sleeping dinosaur!

There’s also a cinema showing a twenty-minute BBC film on dinosaurs but it proved to be a little too graphic for my two so, if you prefer, you can take advantage of their coffee shop and let the little ones enjoy some colouring while you have a sit down!

We really enjoyed Discoveria and although it’s not the largest of places, it is cleverly designed and keeps the little ones really well engaged!

A great half-day activity which will impress the whole family. Happy hunting! S x


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