Another new play centre in KL: The Kingdom at “The Parenthood”

“The Parenthood”… Now, am I the only one who didn’t know about this place?!

The entrance on L2 of Sunway Putra Mall

As you have probably guessed, we love our indoor play centres and love trying new places, so this week we went exploring at Sunway Putra Mall (near the PWTC) after a lovely mummy friend of mine mentioned it to me (Thank you Sifani!)

In true castle style; the soft play’s main structure.

“The Kingdom” is their sparkling new soft play area that is built like a castle and offers the most impressive choice of slides that I’ve seen in KL!

Bright, new, colourful, and obstacles galore.

Also featuring a flying fox, ball pit, trampoline, climbing wall and a dedicated space for younger tots (with ride-ons and a library corner), I have to say we really liked the set-up here!

There’s a great choice of slides including this fun tubular one!

If all the action gets too much they also have a PS4 game zone capable of entertaining up to 4 children at a time so there’s entertainment for everyone.

The very original design of their climbing wall.

For somewhere that opened in September 2015, maybe you’ve already been, but if not, it’s definitely one to add to the list! Entry fees are reasonable compared to some other centres, charging 35RM on weekdays, and 45RM on weekends.

The castle structure continues with more slides, climbing, and a ball pool.

‘The Parenthood’ itself is an unusual concept and refers to them having everything under one roof to make things easy for parents; from shopping for baby goods, to the play area to a coffee shop and hair-dressing salon, they like to think of it as a one-stop place for everything.

The big Lindon bus that greets you at the entrance

I’m not sure how well it works, but we liked the London-themed street design, the big double-decker bus and the fun layout.

The London-themed streets complete with a red letterbox, roads and street lamps.

For us, the pulling attraction was indeed the soft play centre at The Kingdom so would go back for a play for sure but they also offer educational classes such as HAN Mandarin, yoga, kickboxing and a FUN Readers phonics programme.

Within The Parenthood there are plenty of activities to try.

If you go along, let me know what you think but either way, have a great weekend, S x

This is a great little hair salon that offers the ultimate in kiddie comforts!



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