Getting around KL with kids – free for under 7s!

‘The Railway Children’ enjoying an easy Sunday and choosing to zip around the city on the LRT!
It’s not something we do very often, but don’t forget that under 7’s travel for free! Today it only cost me the price of my own ticket to let the ‘Travelling Twins’ do exactly what they wanted to do with their day…. It’s the simple things in life! Happy Sunday everyone, S x
NB. Officially children shouldn’t sit in this front window area, but we just popped up for a quick photo and jumped back down to enjoy the view from the regular seats as shown below! Thought I’d better clarify in case of any transport police patrolling online 😉


2 thoughts on “Getting around KL with kids – free for under 7s!

  1. And one more thing to do… I found your blog when looking for inspiration for things to do with the kids when we have to go to KL. Now we will have to spend a week there purely to check those places out! Thanks for taking to time to make those posts.

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    1. Oh you’re very sweet to say that, thank you! It’s true there is so much to do here; my children are never bored! I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful and wish you a great time in KL when you next come over.


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