The twins went up the Petronas Twin Towers!

We finally did it; up, up, up…. right the way to the top of the Petronas Twin Towers!

To tell you the truth, we’d done the tour back in 2004 before we had children (when it was still free of charge!) but I’m so glad our ‘twin tower obsessed’ twins made us go up again last weekend.

The start of your tor will take place at the Concourse level of the twin towers, accessible via Suria KLCC

For the Petronas Twin Towers visit head down to the Concourse where you’ll find their ticket desk. You’ll be assigned a time slot with a group of people with whom you will then discover these incredible buildings.

The ticket counter was surprisingly empty but go along expecting queues!

The ticket desk opens at 8.30am daily (closed Mondays) but tickets are limited to 1000 a day. We got there before 9am and to our surprise found no queue at all! Guided tours start every 15 minutes, starting at 9am so on that particular day we really didn’t have too much of a wait!


Tickets, visitor passes, security check – we are ready to go!

The first stop is the Skybridge (that connects the two towers) located on the 41st floor.

As we arrived at the 41st floor this was our view while we waited fir the group ahead of us to finish their session!

Here you’ll get 15 minutes to stroll along the glass walkway, take your many photos, and to revel in seeing Kuala Lumpur from a whole different angle! My goodness, how different the city looks from here….

Once on the bridge there’s lot of space to take your photos and enjoy the views.

If you think you’ve finished, well don’t worry, you haven’t! Your second stop will take you right up to floor 86 where you can really indulge in stunning views with great lighting; perfect for catching some special moments.

Taking a moment to enjoy the view from his favourite building!

With 360 degree views, and exhibition pieces to enjoy, this floor is spacious and has loads of different window alcoves to take your photos.

‘Easy like a Sunday morning’ – perfect 😉

The staff were also great and helped snapping some shots of the four of us together which we really appreciated.

It may not have been a perfectly blue sky, but the colours and the views were stunning!

One more stop, and that’s on the 84th floor.

When two iconic structures come together….

One last chance to sit and gaze out at the city, to spot things you’ve never noticed before about KL, and to walk through darkened corridors with star-infused ceilings while learning about some of the other tallest buildings in the world.

On the 84th floor you get to walk through a hall of the tallest buildings in the world

Once the tour is over you get to go to the gift shop for souvenirs where you might find a little something to take home. I know my little boy is going to be kept very busy with his 1160 piece replica of the towers but I also know he will absolutely treasure it 🙂

With exhibits detailing how the towers were constructed, the visit is also very informative.

So while it isn’t the cheapest of attractions in the city, it’s not something you do every day, but that one time you do venture up is definitely worth it. S x

Capture some cute moments, or acrually put down your camera, and just enjoy the view..

NB. It’s worth noting that it is only MyKad/Mykid holders that they accept for the reduced rates. Expats living here with an I-Kad or other residency permit will not receive any sort of discount!

The price list as taken off their website



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