Family cave adventures at Gua Tempurung, Malaysia

Caving with the kiddies?!! Definitely! And so interesting!

Your approach to Gua Tempurung and your caving adventure!

On a recent trip to Ipoh, we decided to take a bit of a detour and went to discover the caves at “Gua Tempurung”. Located about 25km outside of the city, these are amongst the largest limestone caves in Malaysia.


Making our way into the entrance of the caves

Now don’t worry, there’s no ‘rock climbing’ involved so it makes for a perfect little adventure for families.

Taking in the view as we look down into the chamber below


There are man-made paths (and a LOT of steps – 640 to be exact!) with handrails and a few lamps in place to light the way through the darkened caves.

There’s a LOT of steps, but everything is well maintained and there are always handrails to hold on to.


While it wouldn’t be suitable for push chairs, children who are good little walkers will be fine from about the age of 4 as there is lots to see and there are different chambers to explore which gives you a break from climbing steps!

Enjoy the different limestone and rock formations. take a torch or buy one there to be abke to look into hidden places!


There’s a choice of four tours available with wet and dry options but for the “wet tours” you really would need to come prepared with a change of clothes etc as the people we saw coming out were soaked to the waist!


We did a ‘dry tour’ but if you want to wade through water in the depths of the cave, take a ‘wet tour’!

Tour 1 offers a dry tour that lasts 40 minutes. We went for Tour 2 which gives you approximately 1 hour 45 minutes of walking time into the depths of the caves and back again.


Man-made paths and steps with lighting as well. its a safe activity even with children.

Armed with torches (which you can buy in their shop if you don’t have one!) we’ve all loved being cave explorers for the morning. It’s warm and humid but fascinating and interesting for people of all ages!


This shot gives you an idea of hiw many steps you will have to tackle! There’s over 600!

Outside the caves you’ll find a couple of eateries, a gift shop, a children’s playground and even a little lake with some swings, if you think you have enough energy left!


There’s a cgildren’s playground outside by the lake.

So, if you’re looking for something original to do on your next weekend, this should be on your to-do-list! Happy caving, S x


Current tours and pricing, correct as of April 2016!



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