Kepong Metropolitan Park, a KL family favourite.

Kepong Metropolitan Park is set around a lake and is just beautiful

Kepong Metropolitan Park is fast becoming one of our favourite hangout spots so let me tell you why. 

There are literally hundreds of kites for sale so you can join in the fun.
Known locally as the place to fly kites, it’s true to say that this park has a dedicated tree-free area for kite-enthusiasts which can really pull a crowd and looks fabulous with colourful stalls of kite sellers lining the paths.  
I was really impressed by this park and the amount of space!

But Kepong is also an amazing park set around a main central lake and offers real routes if you want to go running or cycling.  

A photo taken from the top of one of the observation towers, showing the park, lake and jogging track

We love to take out our bikes at the weekend and Kepong gives us the most amount of space to indulge in and gives us great views as well!  

The views are super as you look out over the lake

I didn’t realize just how vast the park was until we did the full tour recently and I was so impressed! 

The main children’s playground near the car park and kiting area.
They have two children’s playgrounds, observation towers which allow you to look out over the park and the distant city, and if you don’t have your own wheels, you can rent everything from bikes and scooters, to roller blades and electronic cars for the little ones. 
There are a couple of rental places set up who offer just about any form of transport you can imagine!

With the exception of the kite-flying area (where you can grab a kite for as little as 10RM!) the park is so big that it never feels busy and can be a lovely relaxing spot. Definitely worth a trip out there, S x

It’s a colourful place and we love hanging out here!

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