Penang. Part 2; the best find ever at Youth Park.


The main playground inside ‘Youth Park’

Penang turned out to be a perfect place to visit when travelling with children but there was one place that I just have to share with you all. A FREE activity for the whole family!

Youth Park is a wonderful large space with adventure trails and picnic areas

Youth Park (as it’s now been nicknamed) or Taman Perbandaran is a fabulous place but doesn’t necessarily get the attention it deserves, certainly not from tourists.

This is the very accessible playground right at the entrance to the park. Very new and very original, set out like a little town.

Located very close to the Botanic Gardens, not only does this place offer an easy access playground at the entrance (which looked brand new and was so original with its little roads and town set-up!) there’s a second large playground inside, and then also the most amazing combination of artificial rock pools and a swimming pool for everyone to use!

These are just some of the water features that attract the crowds! There’s rock pools, fountains and a main swimming pool.

Add to that the Penang Skate Park, a basketball court, adventure trails, lots of open space to run around in or have picnics, and this really is the address you need for a day of relaxation!

This is the Penang Skate Park located just next to the playground within the Youth Park

We were there on a weekend and it was fairly busy but not overly so.

One of the larger water play areas which turned out to be very popular!

The water features seem to be the main attraction here and were certainly enjoyed by many families in the Penang heat! Definitely worth a visit! S x

A maze like feature with puzzles at the playground at the entrance.



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