The Cameron Highlands; a family getaway – Part 2: Strawberry picking!

Strawberry picking! Now, where better to take my strawberry-obsessed children to pick their own fruit than in the farms at Cameron Highlands?!
  I actually can’t believe we’ve never done this before with two children who would happily eat fruit all day, every day!  

Luckily in the Cameron Highlands you will pass dozens and dozens of signs indicating farms where you can stop and pick strawberries.   

My two were given their own little baskets, a pair of scissors and off they went in search of the juiciest strawberries they could find!   

Not long after two eager little people came back beaming with mounds of fruit to be weighed and packaged.   

They could have continued all afternoon so it’s a lovely little activity to do with children and gave us some great healthy snacks for later on in the day! There you go, some food for thought for the weekend 😉 S x



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