The Cameron Highlands; a family getaway – Part 1: Tea Plantations 

The Cameron Highlands have just given us such a beautiful little family getaway.   
Located about 200km north of Kuala Lumpur, it’s a little too far for a day-trip but the region is so stunning you really don’t want to miss out so you can easily make a weekend of it and stay overnight.

After climbing to the view point at Fairlie, we went on a fabulous walk

With slightly ‘cooler’ temperatures we’ve made the most of the perfect green outdoors for beautiful walks and afternoon teas on terraces.   

Boh Tea Plantations have three tea gardens in the highlands and we have delighted in experiencing two of them. Lush green landscapes, rolling hills and picture-perfect views make it a photographer’s dream but also the most natural of children’s playgrounds with maze-like paths and winding walks.  

The tea plantations proved to be very popular with the children!

We’ve had a tour of the factory at their Sungai Palas location as well as a stop at their cafe which has undoubtedly one of the most amazing views you could ever ask for.  

Tours are available to see just how the tea -making process actually comes about.

At their Fairlie Tea Garden there’s a little hike to a view point which, although nice, was nothing compared to the gorgeous little country walk we made around their property afterwards. 

The stunning Tea House at Sungai Palas. the location is just mind-blowing!

Our children have had an amazing time with my daughter exclaiming ‘I love this country mum’ so it really must have made an impression on her! A far cry from busy city life in KL, this is an absolute must, S x

The views from the Tea House at Sungai Palas.

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