Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid – another KL experience for the family!

The entrance and cash desk for the Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink
Hitting the ice, is certainly one way to cool down in this searing heat! So, with little friends visiting us for a holiday, we decided to get our ice skates on at Sunway Pyramid at their impressive ice rink!

The impressive view of the ice rink as you look down from a few floors up!

Set in the middle of the shopping mall, it’s hard to resist the temptation of the gleaming white ice!   

Once we’d paid, we got our bracelets, scanned our way into the rink and started our morning of fun!
At 20RM a person for UNLIMITED skating time, this was a pretty good deal! The price includes the ice skates, but should you not have your own socks/gloves, these can be bought for a small fee. 


At the skates corner we all got our feet measured and were given our ice skates.
Pay your entrance ticket, get your feet measured and fitted for skates and then you are free to attack the ice! 

Ice skates on, warm clothes and gloves on…. off we go!
For any first-timers they also have skating aids available at 30RM to ensure even the smallest of skaters can stay upright on the ice with the help of a colourful seal!  
Three little school besties hit the ice and had the best time ever! So did the mums!!

I have to say we had a great morning here; the ice was perfect, it was big and spacious so it never felt crowded, and it wasn’t even that cold! They also have staff on the ice to help should you fall as well as Ice Police!

There’s plenty of lockers available as well as benches and a few snack outlets.

Sunway Pyramid is far from new, but it is a classic and a great option when looking for something fun to do! Enjoy, S x 

The ice rink saw a few more skaters by midday but it was never too crowded


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