Artis Workshop – crafts for kids in KL.

We ❤️ Art!! 

The entrance to Artis Workshop in Publika. An arts n craft haven for children.
After a batik session at the weekend, our two were still feeling very creative so we popped over to Publika to try out ‘Artis Workshop’ on the second floor.  

The place is split into cute little workshop areas for different art activities.
Instantly inspired by colours, paints, and lots of craft displays, we walked into this little haven of mini workshops to choose a project to tackle! 
This is the ‘Toddler Art’ area – mess and madness but lots of fun.

From painting for toddlers, to ReArt (making things from recycled goods) to masks and more, there was enough to choose from! 

This is the separate area for their ‘Eat Craft’ workshops – cooking classes which need to be pre-booked.

Cooking classes (Eat Craft!) and clay art are available which looked fab but these do need to be pre-booked. 

ReArt – the recycling art area – my two loved choosing their projects here.

The little ones chose the recycling corner, got on aprons, picked a creation and off they set and off I was sent on my shopping – it’s a no-parents zone but I did at least get waved off! 

Let the battle commence!! Paint, paint and more paint. Thank goodness for the aprons!

1.5 hours later I came back to two very happy children who were so proud of their beautiful creations, now up on display in their bedrooms! S x 

Their finished creations – two very proud children: a plane for my little pilot and a top hat for my little girl inspired by Alice’s tea party 😉


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