AMPED Trampoline Park – the new attraction for kids in KL.

Looking for somewhere for the little ones to burn off all that energy?! Then look no further!

Amped Trampoline Park only opened at the end of January 2016 and is a nice addition to KL
Amped Trampoline Park is a relatively new kid on the block but it really is a great place to hang out!

The main arena at Amped. Lots of space and all sparkling new!
Located in PJ (at The Club in Bukit Utama) they have more than just an abundance of trampolines to jump on! While there was plenty of bouncing going on, they also have such a mix of other equipment that my two didn’t know where to start!

This is the Power Tower which is a fun addition to a trampoline park!
The Power Tower was a big hit with my adventurers; zooming down the tubular slide and landing in a big foam pit is one thing, but climbing your way up through a spiderweb of netting to get to the top, is another.

If you want to use The Power Tower, the only way is up!
The Wall Climb was another favourite where you climb up, but then left yourself go into the foam sponges below!

Bringing a bit of wall climbing fun into the mix… with a soft landing!
Add a dodgeball court, individual areas for playing basketball, and plenty of space to run, jump, and literally bounce off the walls, then you have enough to keep the little ones (and the big ones!) busy.

There’s a couple of individual courts for basketball.
As this centre only opened at the end of January, it’s still relatively quiet. In fact, with the exception of two jumpers in the session before ours, we had the place to ourselves after school yesterday so my two really have explored everything and put it to the test…… And given it a big thumbs up!

Fully air-conditioned and an area for spectators.
As a spectator, there’s seating down by the main arena and unlike some places, the air-conditioning really does its job and keeps you cool!

Run, jump and see where you land!!
You’ll need your grip socks (take along your own or buy them there) and you’ll be given a little talk on safety before being allowed on into the courts, so turn up 15 minutes before the hour to get the most out of your time.

Different zones for different activities; dodgeball and basketball.
They currently have a great promotional rate running at just 19RM for an hour session (10RM for additional hours) including a free bottle of water, so get your socks on and get jumping! S x



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