Benbino at Publika – perfect dining for families 

Benbino – perfect for the bambinos! 

Benbino’s playground for the little ones.
This weekend we finally had the chance to check this place out with some little school friends and it was certainly worth the wait! 
Children can play and have their own dining area in-sight of mum and dad!

Although it can get busy at peak hours, this really is a fabulous place for families to dine.  

Their nice menus with matching activity books to keep little ones entertained

While the play area may appear to be the main attraction, I have to say we were so impressed by the food – from a great selection of snacks, juices and main meals (which you can order either as a child’s portion, or an adult’s portion), to the delightful array of sweet treats that sit in full view on the counter as you walk in, we were spoilt for choice and we’ll have to go back again to try out a few more things!! 

One of the first things you notice as you walk in the door! Some seriously tempting treats!

On top of that, the presentation of our meals was just gorgeous; with a creative touch we saw a Caesar Salad served on skewers, and mini burgers/hot dogs for the little ones accompanied by ketchup in individual squeezy tubes! 

The cutest presentation of mini burgers ever! Look at that ketchup!!

 They also serve soups, sandwiches, kiddies favourites like pizza and man ‘n’ cheese as well as an Asian selection of dishes.  

A sald that comes on skewers is certainly original (and it tasted great!)

Of course the fact that the little ones get given an activity booklet and can play in plain sight makes it the ideal stop off when enjoying the other delights at Publika.  

Miniature tables and chairs are set up just next to the playground should the little ones wish to dine alone 😉

This place gets a very high recommendation from us – we loved it and can’t wait to go back! S x 

Asian dishes also appear on the menu.


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