The Army Museum – Port Dickson tourism for families

Planes, trains and automobiles…. with a few tanks as well! 
Our day trip to Port Dixon yesterday was far more than just a visit to the beach. In fact, the Army Museum (known locally as Muzium Tentera Darat) turned out to be the biggest success with our little boy, and with his twin sister!   The exhibits outside in the grounds catch your attention even before you’re reached the car park; planes, tanks, cannons, and even a couple of trains line the path up to the museum and all these exhibits acted as one big playground for the kids who have climbed, sat in, and posed in front of, an amazing array of military vehicles. 

There are then two separate buildings that take you through different eras of Malaysian history; from the British and the Portuguese to the Malacca Sultanate era (the latter being our favourite with wonderful wooden walkways and a replica boat) you can get an understanding of the uniforms, weapons and more.

But even after all that there was one further surprise in store. They’ve built a replica of an underground tunnel (used by the Communist Party Malayan for access between Thailand and Malaysia). 

Making our way down the steps into the unknown was one thing, but continuing through a 142 meter long tunnel with dimmed lighting was both educational and fascinating. I’m amazed they’ve recreated this here, but it was great and a very memorable part of our visit. A real hit with the little ones who did the tunnel tour more than once! 

The Army Museum really is a very well-kept museum and was enjoyable for the whole family. 

Entry is completely FREE for everyone, is open daily from 10am – 5pm, and I would highly recommend it if you are in the area. Full credit to the army base and the staff for keeping this museum running so immaculately. S x


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