Deerland Malaysia – so much more than just deer!

Deerland – now let’s be fair, who doesn’t like Bambi?! With a 3-day weekend we wanted to head out East and in our typical ‘family road trip’ style, we decided to do a few stops along the way!

The large sign that will lead you down to Deerland!

Deerland is about an hour and 15 minutes outside of KL in Temerloh and while you probably wouldn’t go out that far just for this, it’s a great little spot if you’re on your way to the likes of Kuantan/Cherating or the Elephant Sanctuary (as we were!)


Deerland is about an hour and 15 minutes drive from KL, but is well sign posted and can be combined with the Elephant Sanctuary.
It’s not an enormous place and it’s also not amazingly appealing at first glance, but it’s also not just full of deer!

After purchasing your entry tickets you will walk down a little country pathway to finally arrive at the entrance where a gentleman will check your tickets and give you a basket of food each to feed the deer. 


We were all given a little basket of food for our new found friends.
As we walked in, the deer sensed the presence of new visitors with their next meal and they all came over to us! The kids loved feeding them and could have easily gotten through a few more baskets of food but we knew we had more to see.

The little ones really loved feeding the deer, thry could have done this all morning!

However, as far as the deer go….. That’s it! All the deer are in the first pen and then you continue on the tour of the park to encounter raccoons, rabbits, birds, Bengal Cats and more.


The raccoons were playful little things and kept us entertained!
Once you have finished walking by the animals in cages, you get to a bit of a clearing and this is when the interactive part of the trip becomes very full on!!!


The hedgehogs were just the cutest little things, and the first of our true hands-on experience.
You can get very hands-on with the cutest little hedgehogs…… and also the longest of pythons!!!! Not quite sure how we all ended up getting up close and personal with an 11-foot Python – but we did! 


Then it was time for the python! No extra charge (as there sometimes is) the snake and taking photos.
He slithered over our knees as we sat on the wall, we held him, posed for photos with him and the member of staff that was stationed there with him was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and great at getting the children involved after their initial apprehension. This was all quite an unexpected part of our visit but also one of the most talked about events from our weekend! We may have gone hoping to feed the deer, but we came away having done so much more!


This fella was in an enclosure just close to the deer who got a bit jealous to see the food all going to his neighbours!
If you’re in the area, it won’t break the bank (3RM for children and 6RM for adults with Malaysian ID or foreign residency permits), it’s easy to find thanks to their signage, there are staff on hand to help with certain encounters, and it makes a nice little stop off point. The centre opens daily at 10.30am so don’t rush to beat the morning traffic and get there too early! We stopped here on the way to the Elephant Sanctuary which doesn’t open until 12.30 so it meant we could do an hour or so here before driving on to our next adventure! So, stop off to have a wander around and make some new little animal friends, everyone will enjoy it! S x



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