Aquaria KLCC – the city centre marine experience.

Aquaria, an underwater wonderland and just the sort of activity we’ll all be needing with the haze making a return!

Some of the display tanks at Aquaria KLCC are really spectacular!
While it’s not one of the cheapest places to visit, you soon realise what goes into making this place such an amazing little escape from the city. (The price for tourists is 64RM for adults, 53RM for children aged 3-12. For Malaysians or people with the I-Kad/MyKad rates are 46RM and 35RM respectively)

Take a walk next to the sharks……
It really is quite exceptionally maintained with wall to wall tanks, and ceiling to floor glass displays that are really impressive and make you feel like you are right in with the fish as they swim around.

Step on to the travelator and be taken on an underwater journey.
Aquaria KLCC is home to the longest underwater tunnel in Malaysia which runs for 90 meters but fear not, you don’t even need to walk! Instead you will be slowly moved along on a travelator so that you can concentrate on being overwhelmed by sharks swimming over your head, stingrays swooping past you, and colourful fish playing right in front of your very eyes.

The turtles were definitely one of our favourites and also feature in the Aquatheatre feeding time.
But first, you’ll encounter piranhas, snakes, otters, jellyfish and if you time it right, you can catch feeding time with the otters who were very cute and playful!

Watch the snakes dance around as they follow your fingers over the glass!
With massive fish tanks that stand tall (sometimes over two floors) the darkened rooms and clever lighting guarantee you will be impressed.

There’s something quite mesmerizing, quite peaceful, about watching all these fish swim around…
But there are also smaller displays that house the smaller varieties of sea creature who are all equally interesting to see and watch in action.  

I’ll let you discover the rest for yourselves but if you do go, you MUST make sure that your visit coincides with feeding time at the Aquatheatre!

This was just one of the moments captured during the Aquatheatre feeding ‘show’. An absolute must-see.
Twice daily at 12 noon and 3pm two of their resident divers go in the water and hand feed an array of species. This ‘show’ was spectacular in every way, we all could have watched this for hours; it was an absolute highlight. Enjoy, S x

Darkened corridors and fluorescent lights lead the way to the jellyfish.

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