A miniature KL at the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

A mini KL for the mini people, now that’s worth seeing!

The model of KL as it looks when you enter the room at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.
When we were down at Merdeka Square recently we ventured into the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery when we noticed their claim to having ‘the largest city model’ up on the first floor.  
On the ground floor you walk through the history of KL, with black and white photos, newspaper articles and replica buildings.

Not entirely sure what we would discover, we started making our way around the gallery. For the grown-ups, you’ll be taken on a journey through time to see KL over the years, how it claimed it’s independence and the changes it’s seen.  

The gallery currently has a Batik Sarong exhibition on in their courtyard. small but colourful.

While the little ones weren’t that inspired by the black and white photos, the gallery currently has a seasonal exhibition on entitled “Batik Sarong – A symbol of Culture Identity” which, although small, certainly injected a bit of colour into the experience for them! 

Once your in the room with the model, the lights are dimmed and show time begins!

Then it was time to venture up to the first floor. The model city is kept in a separate room and entry is guarded, letting people enter in small groups. Once you get in there, you realise why. This is not a ‘miniature’ that you walk around and study, instead it’s s well planned show with music, lights and a slide show that doubles as a backdrop and gives you information about the city of KL; past, present and plans for the future.  

Coloured lights dance their way up buildings while music plays.

From a seemingly normal exhibition when you enter a well-lit room, once you are settled in around the model, you are then left in the pitch dark until the illuminations start – and it’s really well done!  

Different sections of the model city light up at different times; the transport systems, roads, waterways….

Different sections light up, the transport lines are lit up, then the highways, and multicoloured lights dance their way up the towers and skyscrapers. Completely impossible to catch on camera (but I tried my best) so I can only suggest you pop down and see it for yourselves! 

Once the show has finished you can wander around the gift shop downstairs.

Going to see the miniature city show is as close to being free as it’s going to get. They charge 5RM per person to enter but, rather than getting a ticket, you get a 5RM voucher that is completely exchangeable in their gift shop and cafe!  

Although they charge 5RM per person, this is completely redeemable against souvenirs in the gift shop or food and drinks at the cafe.

This was an added bonus for the little ones as they could then spend their ‘money’ on KL souvenirs in the shop! Win-win! With everything from badges, mugs, umbrellas, jewellery, and batik items, there’s plenty to choose from and if that’s not for you, maybe a coffee at the cafe will suffice?! 

And of course while you’re in the area, why not have a walk around the colonial part of the city, or take a photo at the iconic I ❤️ KL piece of art just outside the gallery. S x


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