Camp 5 Climbing Adventures for children in KL

Welcome to Camp 5 in 1 Utama Shopping Mall!

There’s nothing like a climbing expedition to liven things up on your half-term break so we headed over to Camp 5 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, got on our gear, and headed upwards! 

To give a general idea of the space at Camp 5. split over two floors with different routes for all ages and abilities.
 Having never stepped foot in the place before I needed to be taken through the packages available. Camp 5 is literally a climbing gym and they cater for everyone; they take children from the age of 4 upwards, have a number of courses available and also have professional climbers as members.  
Getting a briefing from their private instructor before attacking the wall!

As we were novices, taking a private instructor to take us through the ropes (excuse the pun!) for an hour session was the only real option for us. Priced at 55RM per child, this included the equipment and the rental of proper footwear and I was really pleased with how the experience unfolded.  

This is the view as taken from the 1st floor, with the children’s area and Cafe in view. (Also a little climber on his way up an 8 metre wall!)

When you walk in, you’ll see a wall-to-wall climbing experience awaiting you. There’s their ‘Eat Well Cafe’ for anyone not climbing which is strategically placed near the children’s climbing boulders so you can see what’s happening. Once you start looking around, you’ll realize that the place is set out over two floors, has cave-like crevices for the more competent climbers and is really a very large facility with so much to offer. 

Then they were off! This was the first climb of their session…. a piece of cake 😉

Once geared up, my two received a talk through the workings of the ropes and the different climbs they were going to do. Starting with the 5-metre wall, and doing both an easy route (with lots of foot holds ) and then a second route (with less things to grab on to!) this proved a walk in the park, so they quickly progressed to the 8-metre wall! Eeek, they looked so small when they got up so high – they climbed into oblivion as I watched from the sidelines but both of them loved the experience!


The second (more difficult) route on the 5 metre wall – looking good!
Next it was back downstairs to try out a couple of other climbs, and although still under the surveillance of the instructor, they were pretty much on their own on the wall but they did amazingly well and had a little competition as to who had climbed the most!  
Then they moved downstairs to try a new wall – one could climb while the other practised on the kid’s boulder.

Afterwards the hour lesson, they could have a bit more of a practice climb on the children’s area and ended up on the top of the structure quite happily watching the other climbers! 

Drawing quite a crowd by the end the session! it turns out the kid’s boulder is a nice viewing gallery!

They’re asking to go back, even my husband now wants to go along as he wasn’t with us on the day. Looks like Camp 5 was a hit, and we’ll be going back!   

I will just say that it’s not the easiest of places to find! It’s in the new part of the 1 Utama Shopping Mall and in the photo below, if you look to the very top of the building, the glass place is them! We found it via the car park (level 5) but if you can find the dedicated lift for their Sports Zone (near HSBC) then you will also be fine! S x 

Photo taken from the car park. Camp 5 is the glass ‘conservatory-looking section at the top on the 5th Floor.


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