MAT1C Cultural Dance Performance; free and fun for the whole family


The Cultural show is held in their mini auditorium daily at 3pm (with the exception of Sundays)
A cultural show… That’s free, that is bursting with colour, music, costumes and dance, and that is right on our doorstep. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?!!I’m not convinced that I’m the only person to just be finding out about this, so I shall share the details here for ‘that day’ when you just need something different to keep little people entertained that doesn’t cost you a fortune!

The ladies performing the opening number…

MAT1C is the Malaysian Tourist Centre on Jalan Ampang and is incidentally stop No. 1 on the Hop on Hop off bus tour. Every day (with the exception of Sundays) there is a free performance that starts at 3pm and lasts approximately 1 hour. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I can tell you now that my 6 year old twins are asking when we can go again! 

With costume changes galore, it was beautiful seeing all the different outfits.

The show is held in their mini auditorium and you will be greeted by some of the performers at the door. Upon entering there’s a live band playing as you pick your seats and settle in for the performance. After a quick introduction and a video showing Malaysia’s top tourist hotspots, you will be taken on a 45-minute journey of traditional dances from all over Malaysia.

The Tari Inai Dance performed by the male dancers
Costumes will sparkle, your feet will be tapping, and the infectious energy from the dance troupe will have you smiling along to their routines. 

A beautiful Chinese Dance
With the classics from Malay history, a selection of Chinese and Indian dances, a tribal inspired tribute from Borneo, there was really a good mix of styles to watch. 

A tribal-inspired dance from Borneo, popular in Sarawak and Sabah.
The story and origins of the dances are told on the screen behind the performers so I felt well informed after it was all over, but it was seeing just how much the performers loved what they were doing that made it so very special.    
The lights, the colours, the music; it’s really a lovely little show that kept us all entertained.

There’s an opportunity at the end of the show to go up on stage, dance, and have your photos taken with the performers for those who wish, if not there’s enough to do elsewhere on the MAT1C grounds if you fancy a wander; from the Cocoa Boutique (yes, you can sample the chocolate!) to a cafe, restaurant, gift shop, cute gardens outside and not forgetting all the tourist info they have on site that you can pick up and take with you. 

these giant colourful masks were a great hit with my two children. They were in fits of giggles!

So, did you all know about this cultural show?! If not, please pop along, give your support and enjoy the performance! S x

The entire cast at the end of the show; with the opportunity of photos on stage with them

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