Petrosains: The Discovery Centre for the whole family

Petrosains: clearly not a new kid on the block but it is a popular tourist attraction for both the young and old for a very good reason!Although this is one of the obvious places to visit with children, we’d never done it! Why? Because if I’m honest, I always see queues of people waiting to get in and that has always put me off! 

Petrosains on the 4th floor of Suria KLCC

However, fear not! I can now confirm that a) the queue is worth it, and b) the queue is only to get in; once you are inside, the place is so huge that you don’t queue again for anything – phew!

Located in Suria KLCC at the Petronas Towers, this Science Discovery Centre is the definition of ‘hands-on’ and will guarantee you hours of uninterrupted fun. 

Your little ‘oil-drop’ car that will take you on a journey into the discovery centre itself

The queue to get in is caused by the fact that you wait to take your very own oil-drop car on a darkened railway track that transports you slowly through images of the Malaysian rainforest and mountains accompanied by a sound and light show which finally arrives at the entrance to the centre.  

The most hands-on experience you will find in KL!
 Once inside you get to wander at your own pace and to discover a never-ending display of experiments and interactive exhibits.  
It’s me! become an astronaut during your visit!

With different zones to experience you get to learn about space, walk through a world of dinosaurs and volcanoes, understand the workings of an oil rig and test run your way on to the Petronas Racing circuit 😉 

Take a walk on the wild side and explore a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth
 There are helpful staff stationed around the different activities who guide you through certain experiments or give science demonstrations. 
Watching an experiment and learning all about flames
 There’s a 3D cinema, a children’s play zone, a cafe and a fun gift shop with original toys, books and souvenirs, and so much more.  
On your marks, get set, GO! Take a spin in a Petronas racing car!
 Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll pop in for a quick visit – cos you’ll be there for hours!!! We’ve finally experienced what Petrosains has to offer and can understand all the hype! A very worthwhile visit, S x 
Check out their racing cars at the end of the exhibition


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