Thean Hou Temple; KL tourism for the whole family.

Thean Hou Temple is somewhere that I’ve mentioned a bit recently due to them holding the Lantern Festival for Chinese New Year.

Thean Hou Temple in all its glory for CNY

However, this temple is a popular tourist attraction even when we’re not in the midst of festivities and thanks to a fun garden and a tortoise pond, it is also a really big hit with children!

Taking in the view over the city and admiring all the lanterns

A traditional Chinese temple sat on a hill with views over to the modern city of KL gives a great contrast. Add to that the colours, the incense burning, and several levels of architecture to explore, it’s a really interesting stop.

Getting involved in Chinese traditions and loving it!

When my two were there and they saw all the action they wanted to join in so were eager to give a donation and burn their incense sticks before going inside to see what was happening.

Getting involved in Chinese traditions but being very careful not to get burnt!

Outside they have a garden with statues depicting the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals which the little ones will undoubtedly enjoy seeing.

The garden hosts all twelve of the zodiac animals in colourful statues.

Then head out to the back of the temple where you can find the Tortoise Pond with literally hundreds and hundreds of tortoises roaming around!

The Tortoise Pond (and herb garden) will be a big hit with the little ones!

This temple is definitely worth a visit and keeps the little ones entertained as well.

More colours from these gorgeous little trees

Of course, right now, they are still lighting the lanterns from about 6.45 every evening which really is a must-see event.

As night falls, the lanterns are switched on and they light the temple to perfection

I don’t know how many lanterns they’ve put up but rows and rows of red lanterns light the way up the hill and then the whole temple just glows from every angle and it’s just stunning. Definitely get up there to see this if you haven’t yet been, S x

Countless lanterns that need to be seen at Chinese New Year



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