Port Dickson – only a family day trip away from KL

You will probably never associate Kuala Lumpur with beaches and coastal walks, but if you’re feeling like a change of pace, a day trip to Port Dickson is definitely doable!We decided to drive down this weekend; it took about an hour and 15 minutes and as it’s mostly motorway is very easy to do. 

The view over the beaches as we stopped at the town of Port Dickson
As you follow the signs into PD you’ll soon see the sea on the horizon so then it’s just a case of deciding where to stop. There are many different beaches to enjoy each with ample parking areas, but I have to say that all of them that we saw were extremely clean, and near deserted! 

The beaches were not only clean, but there was no one there!

With the exception of a few people offering water sports or relaxing in the shade of the palm trees, we had the place to ourselves! With it being low-tide, it seemed a massive space for us to enjoy paddling in the sea, chasing crabs and building castles. 

On a hot day dont expect the water to cool you down – it was so warm!!! (but just how I like it!)
 If all that wasn’t enough, there’s even playgrounds built on the sand near each car park so children are definitely kept entertained! There’s street stalls selling everything from kites and inflatables, to swimwear and ice creams. Cafes and eateries line the coast road as well so you are never short of options. 
Next to every parking area that we passed there was a play area on the beach.
Before leaving we went a little bit further along the coast to where the lighthouse is. Look out for roads signs for Tanjung Tuan and you’ll be right on track. 
This was inside the reserve at Tanjung Tuan and gives you an idea of the wildlife you may run into.
The lighthouse itself is within a recreational park where you can enjoy nature walks, do some bird watching and take in the views. They charge a minimal fee of just 1RM for adults to enter so it’s not a costly activity! It will then be about a 20 minute climb up a moderately steep hill to discover the lighthouse itself. 
The stark white walls of the lighthouse looked stunning against a perfect blue sky

Spotting squirrels and monkeys along the way, the little ones loved seeing the workings of the lighthouse and if nothing else, the views over the bay are stunning!  

When you walk around the light house there are some beautiful views over the bay

So, if the feel of the sand between your toes is something you miss, Port Dickson is a nice little escape and while there are a number of hotels and beach resorts available, it’s also possible to make the trip in just a day. S x

The light house standing proud up on its hill…


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