Farm in the City – a great day out for the kids!

The entrance to Farm in the City (FITC)

“Farm in the City”. Ok, well, it’s not exactly ‘in the city’ as it took us a 30 minute drive from KLCC (but I get what they mean!) and it is certainly more than just a farm (so don’t go there expecting sheep and cows!) but enough about analyzing its name, let me tell you about our trip! 

The deer and their big beautiful eyes were gorgeous and roam around in one of the enclosures that you can enter.

Located out in the direction of Cyberjaya, FITC has recreated a Malaysian-style village to showcase its plants, fruits and its wildlife. Now you won’t find beautifully landscaped gardens or perfectly laid pavements but that isn’t the point behind the centre. Instead it’ll be a bit rustic, a little muddy, with partial paths in need of a little bit of tender loving care. But what I can guarantee you is probably one of the best ‘hands on’ experiences available in KL! 


These colourful guys also roam around!!
This is not a zoo so the majority of animals are either in specific large pens that you can enter, or are roaming around freely.
The petting zoo area with rabbits and guinea pigs was a BIG hit with my two!

Each enclosure has a dedicated member of staff who gives you the appropriate food to feed the animals and also instructs you the correct way to hold the animals which was nice to see.

And the giant tortoises that we first encountered were great! and loved munching away on the leaves we gave!

To say that we have been up close and personal with an array of animals would be an understatement ; my children have fed and held more animals in 4 hours at FITC (yes, we spent a whole 4 hours there!!!) than they have in their entire lifetime! 

These were my personal favourite – so cute and so playful!

Unlike the majority of zoos and parks that charge an entrance fee and then $5 for a photo with a parrot etc this is nothing like that.  

My children will be talking about these chicks for the rest of their lives! An absolute highlight

My daughter has sat and caressed a baby chick in her lap for a whole twenty minutes. They’ve returned numerous times to feed giant turtles, deer, and rabbits.  

And while the little ones had cuddles with cute chicks and little rabbits, hubby and I got to play with a scorpian!

They’ve been encouraged to touch a snake and a lizard and even helped when it came to feeding time for the raccoons! And when they’d done all that…… we did it all again! 

Being involved at feeding time for rhe raccoons (12 noon) was too adorable for words! they way them came and grabbed your hands to get the food was amazing.

There’s a bird show daily, there’s feeding times that you can participate in and there’s pony rides which, although short, were a welcome change of activity during our time there. 

There’s a small bird show daily at 11.30am

Pony rides for the little ones are also available.

So, if your little ones love animals and you think they’d like to get involved as much as FITC allows, then this is the place to go and they’ll even get a certificate at the end to say they participated with the whole thing! S x

Maps are available at the entrance and we received these free badges when purchasing a family ticket. The certificates were given upon leaving the farm.

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